tumblr_mho4evplMw1qzk2upo1_400R.I.P. XP

Online support for Windows XP ended this week. An estimated 25% of people still use Windows XP, and a majority of ATM machines do as well. A paid online version of XP will be available to government agencies and businesses who run on XP, but overall Microsoft is suggesting an upgrade.


“Is there life on Mars,” asked David Bowie years ago. Now we may be closer to answering that question (or not). The Mars Rover got a picture of what looks like an unknown light source emanating from the surface of Mars. No body has a clue what it is, and because the Rover is slow and dumb it probably won’t figure it out either. If this is a sign of Alien life, it sure does resemble a far off dance party at dawn, at Burning Man.



“Social Practice” in art has emerged in the past ten years to become a dominant trope in the Art world. Reputable  schools, scholars, and Artists have embraced Social Practice as  Art practice despite the amorphous conceptual nature of Social Practice. As the State of The Arts continues to change with society and new technology what will the implications of Social Practice mean for Art? More Here….XXX 

new-york-club-kid-ernie-glam-interview-90sERNIE GLAM

Take a stroll through the 80’s-90’s club scene with original Club Kid Ernie Glam. Asides from innovating strange styles and promoting self and celebrity as artistic medium, Ernie Glam has a lot of interesting info to share, and there are some great pics too…


Great video from Uncle TNUC and Big Mike Ballerman, if you dig retro 80’s german covers of Hall and Oates you are in luck…XXX


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